The 15 Most Incredible Hikes to Waterfalls in the World

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4. Yosemite Grand Traverse, California

Explore some of the highest points of the Sierra Nevada – reaching as high as 12,000 feet – by hiking the Yosemite Grand Traverse. This is a trans-Sierra trek that takes you through Yosemite National Parkand the Ansel Wilderness. You’ll pass Merced River, the lifeblood of Yosemite Valley, where the route traces the headwaters through several waterfalls.

5. Angel Falls, Venezuela

It’s one of the most popular tourist attractions in Venezuela and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Angel Falls, the highest waterfall on Earth, is 3,230 feet in height with a vertical drop of 2,647 feet. It is only accessible by river from June to December, when the river is deep enough for boat travel. You’ll also have to hike through the jungle for about five hours.

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