The 11 Weirdest Colorado Hikes

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1. Hike to the Dam that Flooded Denver

Remember that one time Denver was buried under four feet of standing water? Probably not…it happened in 1933. However, if you head over to Castlewood Canyon State Park, you’ll be able to see the remains of the dam that broke and caused it all. To find the Castlewood Canyon Dam, you’ll want to enter the park through the western entrance. From there, it’s an easy 0.3 mile hike.

2. Hike to an Aircraft Crash Site

Several planes have crashed in Colorado over the years because of the state’s unpredictable weather and tricky mountains to navigate. Many of these crash sites are in places so remote that removal of debris is too difficult, thus the metal remains of the planes have stayed where they fell. One crash site that’s relatively easy to find is the UH-1 Huey Helicopter crash site near Colorado Springs. To find it, you’ll head to the northern bump of Almagre Peak. The wreck is on the northern side of the boulder field. If you’re seeking out this wreck, or any other aircraft crash site, we recommend that you get a detailed map and do your own research on the exact route, meticulously noting the coordinates of where you’re headed. As most crash sites are very remote, finding them can be dangerous. Additionally, treat these crash sites with respect and always leave no trace.

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