The 10 Essential Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

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4. Wilacre Park

Studio City

The dog-friendly trail is popular with locals for its free parking and moderate incline, making it the perfect addition to your weekend hike rotation. When you reach a fork in the trail, go right for a quick hike or left for the more challenging (and scenic) route. In addition to local fauna, the trail is also home to a few Pokémon and doubles as a Pokéstop. In other words, it’s the perfect place to hatch a few eggs and expand your Pokédex.

5. Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

Ladera Heights

Most scenic L.A. hikes provide views of the ocean or Griffith Observatory, but these trails provide a stunning view of downtown. The area is the regular home of regional cross-country races, giving it good workout cred. Additionally, the park itself is well stocked with attractions like picnic areas, running paths, and a Japanese garden.

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