The 10 Essential Hiking Trails in Los Angeles

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2. The Wisdom Tree and Cahuenga Peak 

Hollywood Hills

The three-mile loop is tame, but don’t underestimate the 1,821 foot elevation—bring water. Be sure to visit the Wisdom Tree at the top, rumored to have been the sole survivor of a wildfire in 2007. The tree is so photogenic; it even has its own Instagram account. Hikers looking to extend the trail can continue on to the Hollywood Sign at the peak, and the less zealous have an easy, downhill return.

3. The Grotto Trail


The standing water that gives the trail this name might be low, but the surrounding geography is as gorgeous as ever: towering boulders, shady nooks, and a few friendly frogs. The hike isn’t dauntingly difficult, but visitors should expect to get a bit dirty and sweaty scrambling over rocks inside the grotto. The lopsided climb makes descending a breeze, but the return trip is mostly uphill. Pro tip: Park at the nearby Circle X Ranch campground.

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