Ladies, If He’s Not Making You LOL, Tell Him To GTFO

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When you’re dating a guy and think things might get serious, a sense of humor is a must. Regardless of whether or not he’s outrageously good-looking, he’s got to be able to make you LOL just a little bit,  otherwise, he can GTFO.


If you can’t have a bit of a laugh or share a joke with your S.O., the reality is that you’re going to live one hell of a long life together. After all, being able to have fun and have a laugh is the very essence of living and will keep you afloat when life throws the hard stuff your way. Sure, you have other loved ones in your life that you can probably rely on for a giggle, but you’ll be spending a lot of time with just your guy in future. It’s so important to find someone who makes that time light-hearted and enjoyable, otherwise, what’s the point of being with him?


You don’t need negative energy in your life or even people who don’t add any positivity. Laughter equals positivity—and who doesn’t love those #PositiveVibes? Laughter also releases endorphins in the brain. There’s a reason why they say that “laughter is the best medicine”, so why not be with a man who’s your own personal laughter drug. It’ll certainly make things more interesting.

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