8 Most Beautiful Hikes in Washington State

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If you enjoy hiking and spending days out in nature, then Washington is one of the best places on the planet to be. Also known as the “Evergreen State,” there are state parks, national parks, national forests, and wilderness areas in each and every corner of Washington that just beg to be explored. While some of your hikes here might be a bit rainy, Washington also gets lots of sunshine each year to help you get out among the trees. These are a few of our favorite Washington hikes to check out next time you’re in the Pacific Northwest!

1. Horseshoe Basin – North Cascades, East Slope

The North Cascades is a wonderful place to take a hike, especially between the months of July and October. One great hike here is Horseshoe Basin on the East Slope. The trail here is about 12 miles long and gains approximately 1,550 feet of elevation. This is a favorite hike among backpacking enthusiasts because you can extend this hike to be even longer and spend several days or even a week exploring the region.

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