7 of the longest trails the world has to offer

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1. Trek across America

What: Pacific Crest Trail 

Where: Mexico to California, Oregon, Washington to Canada 

How long: 4,265km 

Wow factor: Everyone will know what you’re talking about

America is home to a few super long-distance trails. There’s the PCT, made famous by the movie Wild and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. These trails are linked by the American Discovery Trailwhich stretches 8138km. Philip Kramer completed the spectacularly scenic PCT, he says: “The Pacific Crest Trail, whether walked in sections or as a whole, is a complete adventure. You’ll haul precious water across the hot, dusty, cactus-riddled Sonoran and Mojave deserts, linger in awe at the stunning granite formations of the Sierra Nevada, weave around the volcanoes of the Cascade Range and, if you’re lucky, descend into Canada through the wild and mountainous gates of the North Cascades. “Between the weather, the changing landscape, the towns, the people, and the physical challenge, hiking the PCT provides a beautifully diverse and rich outdoor experience.”

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