16 Hiking Spots In The U.S. Are Completely Out Of This World

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There’s nothing like shaking the cobwebs off your hiking boots and getting out into nature. When the siren call of the wilderness sounds, use our guide to incredible hiking spots across the country to set your course. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just looking for a bit of adventure, these places will bring out the explorer in you.

1. Mooney Falls Hike, Arizona

This trail comes with a gorgeous payoff – a glimpse of the turquoise waters of Mooney Falls cascading onto the red rock of the Grand Canyon. The Falls are located 2.25 miles from Supai, just past the campgrounds. The trail leads to the top of the falls, where there is a lookout and photograph area that overlooks the 210-foot canyon wall that the waterfall cascades over. This is a hike for experienced climbers only: In order to gain access to the bottom of the falls and the pool, a very rugged and dangerous descent must be attempted. Make sure weather conditions are good and that you have a experienced hikers with you to help out.

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