14 Best Hikes in Denver To Take With You Family

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1. Bluffs Loop Trail, Bluffs Regional Park

We love this trail because it is just outside of Denver near Littleton, Colorado, and you can literally do it in your lunch hour. Or, as the sun is setting for the stunning Denver sunset views. It’s the best hike in the Lone tree which is near Highlands Park, close to home. You can walk, hike, job, take your dogs and take your kids in a jogging stroller. The loop itself is 2.7 miles and it seriously leads to amazing viewpoints. You will see stunning grasslands, views of the Front Range, bluff overlooks and may also see rabbits, red fox, prairie dogs, hawks, and eagles. A super popular trail amongst locals getting their daily exercise. There are some nice picnic spots too. Great for all skill levels.

Miles: 2.7 miles

Rating: Easy

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