10 of the Best Hiking Trails in Michigan

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Michigan may be known as the Great Lakes State—and the water-based recreational options really are abounding—but the incredible hiking should not be overlooked. Not only is Michigan the nation’s 11th largest state, it also holds the largest number of local and federal forests in the U.S. Whether you want to hike to an isolated beach, catch a float plane to Isle Royale, or be in awe of a backcountry waterfall, Michigan has a lot to offer, and you’re never left disappointed.

1. Porcupine Mountains—Escarpment Trail

Distance: 4.3 miles
Rating: Moderate
Location: Ontonagon, MI

Venturing out on the Escarpment Trail in the Porcupine Mountains, you are rewarded with vistas of Lake of the Clouds, Lake Superior, the Carp River Valley, and one of the greatest feelings of grandeur the Upper Midwest has to offer. No doubt, this hike will leave you feeling like you just walked off of the Pacific Crest Trail, with its dusty singletrack, its exposure to the elements, and its commanding views of the surrounding hillsides. While this is only a 4-mile section, a significant change in elevation makes it a challenge.

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